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Why are more neurology nurses needed?

The number of people on the neurology outpatient waiting is continuing to rise and the number waiting more than 18 months has increased by 30% in the last year1,4. Currently 23,979 patients are on the neurology waiting list1. In addition to this, people with long-term neurological conditions have limited access to the services that help them manage their condition, this results in unnecessary hospital admissions and delays necessary adjustments in medication5.

Neurology nurses have a very significant impact on patients, increasing accessibility of healthcare and improving condition management. Currently Ireland only has 41.5 wte neurology nurses6. Based on local and international recommendations there should be 142 neurology nurses2,5,7,8 &9.

Local & International Recommendations on Neurology Nurse Resourcing

Disease AreaRecommendationNo. of Nurses
Parkinson's Disease1 nurse per 300 patients731
Headache1 nurse per 140,000 population536
Multiple Sclerosis1 nurse per 315 patients829
Rare Diseases1 nurse per 500,000 population210
Epilepsy1 nurse per 140,000 population936

Investing in more neurology nurses is a cost efficient way of reducing waiting times1 , improving the efficiency of outpatient clinics2 and ensuring that patients across the country have access to the specialist support they need to manage their conditions3. Ensuring that all regional centres have sufficient neurology nurses will improve the coordination and continuity of care, reduce attendance at A&E, benefiting both patients and the wider health system5. The shortfall in the number of neurology nurses per hospital is outlined below based on catchment areas:

Neurology Nurse Resourcing per Hospital6

HospitalRecommendedCurrentShortfallCurrent allocation as % of Recommendation
Beaumont Hospital1510566.67%
Cork University Hospital2041620.00%
Mater Misericordiae University Hospital146842.86%
Sligo University Hospital73442.86%
St James' Hospital1441028.57%
St Vincent's University Hospital2241818.18%
Tallaght University Hospital203.51717.50%
University Hospital Galway134930.77%
University Hospital Limerick113827.27%
University Hospital Waterford6060.00%

What do Neurology Nurses Do? 10, 11, 12

What impact will this have? 1, 2, 3

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