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What are community neuro-rehabilitation teams?

  • Community neuro-rehabilitation teams are multi-disciplinary teams that provide vital care to support recovery and prevent disability for people with neurological conditions. Community specialist neuro-rehabilitation services are distinct from disability and other community residential/vocational, day services which do not have a rehabilitative focus. Typically these teams will include the following health professionals, but are not limited to only these roles:

Speech & Language Therapist6

Assess and treat any communication difficulties experienced as a result of injury or illness. Communication skills include speaking, understanding, reading and writing.

Assess and treat swallowing difficulties experienced as a result of injury or illness.

Provide education and support to patients and their families

Occupational Therapist6

Help patients to regain skills used in daily living activities such as: daily hygiene routine, dressing or activities useful for study, work and hobbies.

Help patients to identify equipment that will assist them to do daily living activities, for example, bathing equipment or adaptations for their computers.

Assess home, work, or school setting, and then suggest modifications that will make it easier for patients to carry out daily tasks.


Improve patients flexibility, strength and exercise tolerance.

Teach and help patients to practice skills and techniques to maximise their functional ability and independence.

Optimise patients' mobility, assess for and prescribe appropriate equipment.

Treat and manage pain.

Refer patients to other physiotherapy services such as sports and fitness or hydrotherapy.

Clinical Psychologist6

Work with patients to assess how their injury or condition may have affected their attention, memory, thinking skills, insight, mood and behaviour.

Assess patients' mood and ways of coping, and provide psychotherapy to support emotional well-being.

Undertake assessments and interventions to assist patients with their rehabilitation; and to learn how changes in behaviour and personality may affect a patient's adjustment following their injury or illness.

Liaise with patients and their families or carers regarding the psychological support they may need following completion of the Inpatient programmes

Conditions that can benefit from community neuro-rehabilitation3

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